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Business Services

Impact. Clarity. Excellence.

In our content-driven landscape, sharp, crisp writing is essential for every business. Whether you need editing services, writing refreshers for your employees, content revision, articles, or blog posts, please reach out and schedule a conversation.

I only accept a maximum of four projects per month to give each client the time they deserve. 


Email me at

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In today’s digital landscape, the power of words cannot be overstated, and sloppy writing not only weakens your message but also diminishes your brand's credibility. Enter copyediting—a meticulous process that transforms lackluster content into compelling prose.


From grammar and punctuation to style and tone, I ensure that your public-facing content exudes clarity and consistency.


Consulting can take various forms, but for me, it's primarily about education. I create personalized classes and workshops to assist new hires and experienced employees in improving their writing, conducting more effective research, and mastering the art of the written word. All courses are held live, either in person (preferred) or online. Feel free to contact me for further information.


Are you struggling to keep up with blog posts? Or have you been asked to write an article but find yourself stuck?

I've got you covered. As a seasoned writer with years of experience, I have the tools to help you get your message out. Whether you need fresh ideas or polished articles, I'm here to help. And if you're itching to take the writing on yourself, I can coach you through any writing task to ensure success.

  • Copyedits are billed at $30 an hour. 

  • Content is generated by the project, but costs range between $50 - $60 an hour. 

  • Consulting is billed on a per-project basis. A one-hour meeting to establish your needs is complimentary, after which an estimate will be generated. Project fees start at $100.00 per hour.

  • In-house training is $400 an hour. (Nassau and Western Suffolk Counties. Other locales vary.)

  • Collaboration is project dependent.  


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