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College Essay Advisement


A well-crafted essay can help a student stand out, but writing a compelling personal statement can be overwhelming.

As a teacher and bestselling author, I understand these challenges. I offer personalized coaching to help students articulate their unique stories and showcase their strengths. Together, we'll turn the daunting task of essay writing into a rewarding experience, ensuring each student's voice shines through with confidence.

Contact me to see if we're a good fit. I'd love to help.

College Essay: The Works

With expert guidance from an award-winning author, who is also a teacher with decades of experience, students will be brought from concept to final draft in measured steps. While there are no guarantees regarding the outcome of the application process, the final product will be something a student will be proud to submit. Please message me to schedule a free initial consultation to see if we're a good fit.

The program includes four (4) 60-75 minute video or

in-person sessions and one revision pass/polish

with the student.


Ideally, this process should start no later than September 1st for early decision applications, or October 1st for regular decision deadlines.

$650 for the full package.

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College Essay: One and Done

This service is for the student who has written and revised their essay or supplement but would like a final pass and polish with a fresh set of eyes before hitting submit. Using Zoom, the student will go through the essay with Jeannie line-by-line, in real-time, to tweak and refine the almost-finished draft. Students who want their essays to go from good to great will benefit from this one-hour session.

(Please note: this is not a proofreading service.)

$135 per session.


October is generally the busiest month for this type of session, please schedule in advance. 

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