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Submission Services

Providing Everything You Need


Agent Research

Are you ready to submit your manuscript to literary agents but need guidance on finding the right fit? I offer a personalized service to research and evaluate agents on your behalf. Leveraging my expertise and available resources, I'll curate a comprehensive list of 15 agents tailored to your genre and publishing goals. Take the guesswork out of agent submissions and start your journey to publication with confidence. 

Fee: 400.00

Query Letter

Crafting a compelling query letter is key to catching the

attention of literary agents and publishers. I can help you create a query letter that stands out. This service includes:

  1. Brainstorming sessions to develop compelling hooks and themes.

  2. Structuring the letter for maximum impact and clarity.

  3. Two rounds of revisions to polish your letter to perfection.


Let's work together to create a query letter that opens doors for your manuscript. Get in touch to get started!

                                   Fee: 500.00


Submission Package

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