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Writing is hard. 
But you don't have to go it alone.

Whether you're a new writer just starting your first book, a seasoned author who needs fee

Sessions with
Jeannie Moon

USA Today Bestselling Author

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We can talk about writing and books!

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Editorial ~ Author Coaching ~ Education

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Lauren Rico, Award-Winning Author

"As I was working on my biggest, most important project to date I found myself too close to the story and its characters. Something was off but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I knew I needed someone I could trust to give me some honest, constructive feedback before submission. Jeannie worked me into her schedule quickly, giving the story a thorough reading, keeping in mind the perspective of both readers and editors. She presented me with a thoughtful, in-depth assessment of the work, flagging issues I hadn’t considered, and providing concrete, actionable recommendations for improvement. It’s been said that “the devil is in the details.” With Jeannie’s help, we exorcised all the demons from my manuscript, and it wasn’t long before it sold at auction!"
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