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NaNoWriMo and Writing Victories

Tomorrow starts the crazy event known as NaNoWriMo, and for those of you embarking on the monthly writing challenge, here’s some advice: don’t stress.

I know. The program is supposed to be intense- it thrives on intensity. But you can still participate and make progress on your writing project without being completely stressed out. It’s simple…just remember a few basic things.

First, even if you write the 50K in a month, that’s not a whole book unless you’re writing a middle grade or a Harlequin Presents. You’ll still have a lot of words to write after the challenge is over. Keep your expectations realistic.

Second, there are no NaNo police. No one checks to make sure you’re keeping up. This is a personal challenge. It’s more about establishing a regular writing habit, than the word count. If you aren’t having fun, will you keep the habit after the challenge is over?

Finally, remember that every word you write brings you closer to a finished draft. Every word is progress. If you arrive on November 30th with only 20K words, that’s 20K more than you had at the beginning of the challenge. Celebrate that victory. Don’t let an arbitrary number take the achievement away from you.

Writing can be a frustrating, lonely pursuit. Embrace the NaNo community—it’s a wonderful, expansive network that can make the experience a lot of fun. Lean into your process and use the thirty days to find what works best for you. Finally, enjoy your victory. No matter how many words you write over the course of a month, simply taking the step makes you a winner.

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